Frequently Asked Questions

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine is the specialty dealing with the medical problems of adults. We serve as the primary care physician-the one to contact first for any medical concerns.

In addition to caring for routine problems such as ear infections, colds, rashes, headaches, etc. in the office, we also have the expertise to deal with complicated illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Simply stated, we provide comprehensive care of adults, in the office and in the hospital.

Do you accept new patients?

Yes. If you have an HMO plan, please make sure Edinger Medical Group or one of our physicians is listed as your PCP (primary care physician). If you have questions about our accepted health plans, please call 714-965-2578.

Do you provide referrals?

Yes. Please allow 48 to 72 hours for referrals to specialists to be processed.

All referrals must be authorized by the physician, and you may be required to come in for an appointment before a referral is issued.

If you are seen by a specialist without a referral, your insurance company may not cover the cost of the visit and you may be responsible for the entire cost. Referrals may not be done retroactively. It is your responsibility to call several days ahead to obtain the referral and NOT on the day of the visit.

How do I order prescription refills?

We request that patients bring in a list of all their medications at the initial office visit. This enables us to be sure medications are correct, helps with dosage adjustments, and allows us to provide refills when needed. If you do run out of medication between visits, please call your pharmacy to have refill requests electronically sent to our office. Please allow up to 48 hours for refills to be approved. Refills are done during normal business hours Monday to Friday.

No controlled medications will be filled over the phone. You must schedule an office visit to have these medicines refilled.

What if I need emergency care?

If you are having chest pain, difficulty breathing, or are just feeling very ill, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

For other urgent matters, please call 714-965-2500 to reach the physician on call (we have 24 hour, 7 days a week physician coverage). This should not be used for routine medication refills or for general health questions that can wait until the next business day.

What is your policy on childhood vaccinations?

The pediatricians ad Edinger Medical Group have all witnessed tragedies and heartbreaks cause by vaccine-preventable diseases. Because of this, we are strong advocates for vaccinating children to prevent illnesses we so frequently encountered in the past. We are also aware of the presence of misinformation, not validated by scientific studies, on the value and side effects of vaccinations. Not vaccinating children not only puts that child at risk but also patients of ours, including children too young to vaccinate and children with immune deficiencies. For the safety of all our patients, we will only be accepting children that are vaccinated. If it is your intention to not vaccinate your child, we advise that you find another pediatric group that will better fit your needs.

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